If you’re a fan of hot lipstick lesbians (and, really, what guy isn’t?), you may have noticed that a lot of girls in porn claim to be bisexual in their private lives. On Facebook, for example, many adult actresses state that they’re “interested in men and women.” How much of that is the work of a clever publicist versus genuine preference? Ultimately, unless you’re privy to the girl’s innermost thoughts, there’s no way of telling for sure. Still, as a guy who appreciates girl-girl action, I’d like to know who’s the real deal and who’s a gay-for-pay poser.

To that end, I thought it would be fun to interview self-professed lesbians and bisexuals in the adult industry and get a more in-depth look at their lady-lovin’ experiences. Last time around, we interviewed the gorgeous Lola Bastinado.

This week, we’re bring you hardcore porn star Natasha Starr. This statuesque 24-year old bi-babe was raised in Poland, and she’s been living in New York for the past year.


Q: Do you prefer men or women?
A: I guess I have to say I like women a lot but I love cock!

Q: What turns you on most about being with women?
A: The biggest turn on for me about a woman is her boobs. I love big boobs but also love a nice clean-shaven pink pussy without big lips. Also the sweet tender feel of a woman is so sexy.

Q: Approximately how many girls have you had sex with?
A: Too many to count! I stopped counting after 100.

Q: How did the first time come about?
A: I was actually eaten out a few times first then finally went down on my first girl at a swingers party.

Q: How often do you sleep with women?
A: I film with them quite often, and in my personal life my husband and I are swingers. We love picking up women and taking them home.

Q: Do you have any particular seduction methods you like to use with women?
A: Not really. If we are at a club just start sexy dancing with them and before you know it we are kissing and touching and we go from there.

Q: Is there a specific type of women you like? Can you describe her?
A: I like blondes that are tall with a fit body and big boobs. Outgoing, fun and crazy and horny as hell like me. I just described me; if I met a girl like me I’d fuck her.

Q: Tell me about the hottest encounter you’ve had with other women. Have you ever been with more than one woman at a time?
A: I have filmed a girl orgy scene which was so hot I strapped on and took the man’s role and pounded them out. That was a lot of fun. In my personal life at swingers parties I have played with a few girls at a time. It is so hot.

Q: What’s your biggest fantasy involving women?
A: I want to strap on and fuck a girl in the ass.

Q: What famous girls, in or out of porn, would you like to sleep with?
A: Pamela Anderson, Jessica Alba, Jesse Jane, Sophie Dee.

Q: Do you have orgasms when doing scenes with women?
A: Yes I do, all the time.

Q: What’s your favorite sexual act with women? How do you feel about “tribbing”?
A: Eating pussy’s my favorite act. I had to look that word up [tribbing] and saw that it meant scissoring, which I love. That’s how I make myself come.


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