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Want A Girlfriend? Here Are The Sort Of Ladies You Should Avoid Before You Find “The One”

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It is not easy to find that perfect girlfriend. Sure, everyone loves the idea of being able to meet someone out of the blue and just form an “instant connection” with them. But it is not that simple. In the world, there are just some people that you should just avoid at all costs. This counts for both men and women. However, for now, let’s focus on the sort of women you should avoid if you’re looking to have a successful love life.

The Overly-Attached Lover

Unfortunately, finding true romance isn’t as easy as searching the internet for an ebony escort in London. You need to be able to find someone who you can trust to give you your space when you need it. This, however, isn’t what you are going to get from the overly-attached girlfriend.

The overly-attached lover is a woman who needs you to be around her and give her lots of attention 24/7. At the start of the relationship, you may feel a little flattered by this. But in reality, it can stifle you and potentially cause arguments if she feels like you aren’t giving her the time of day.

While you can try to fix your problems by communicating with her, most of the time this won’t change her. Instead, you may find that she will try to give you some space for a little while but then may just go back to her old habits.

The Material Mistress

This sort of woman might appear to love you and be interested in your conversation, but in reality, her main goal is to get you to give her as many gifts as you possibly can. After all, the more gifts you give someone, the more you must love them, right? Well, not really. If all she sees you as is a walking wallet then she’ll most likely go from hot to cold the moment you run out of money or forget to buy her present. Avoid this sort of woman at all costs. This sort of girlfriend may just turn into a quick fling that drained your bank account and confidence levels.

Ms. Insecurity

It’s ok to have a little insecurity when it comes to your love life and general appearance. After all, “to err is human”, but when it gets to the point where all your conversations are about your girlfriend’s insecurity or negativity, it can get to the point where you might start to question about why you are with her in the first place. You may also notice her constantly fishing for compliments about her to validate her self-worth.

Madam Jealousy

You have probably heard all the stories about your most recent girlfriend’s tragic breakup with her boyfriend who cheated on her. You’ve probably heard it over and over and over again. Not only can this make you feel worried that you’re just the rebound, but she may start to get a bit jealous of you talking to other women over her. It’s normal to have relationships and friendships with the opposite gender. However, it is not normal for your girlfriend to try and make you delete their numbers and stop speaking to this. This is extremely controlling and unhealthy. Break this relationship off as soon as you can. It can quickly become toxic.

The Dependent Duchess

Have you ever met someone who literally can’t do anything for herself? It’s one thing for your girlfriend to ask her to do things for her on the occasion, but it’s quite another when she starts demanding things from you all the time. You may start to feel a bit like a doormat or like she is far too needy for you to enjoy her company. This can quickly turn a relationship sour and lead you to think that she has become more of a burden than someone who is an equal who has her own opinions and thoughts.

Lady Player

You’ve probably fallen head over heels in love nefpre with a woman who seems to have everything. She has charm, wit, beauty and intelligence. However, she isn’t shy about it. She knows that she is hot and is ready to show it off to the world. Whilst it might be great to have this lady on your arm for a while, or even to just enjoy a fling or one-night stand with, this sort of woman loves being able to show herself off to others, especially on a night out.

It’s one thing to be confident, but to see your lovely lady grinding on another man can leave you feeling awful. Worse still, if she feels like you have slighted her, she may go off and cheat on purpose to get “revenge.” Don’t become a doormat. Find someone who mainly wants your attention

Mrs. Jekyll-and-Hyde

You probably met through university or at your job. But she appears to be the perfect package. Not only that but she only has eyes for you. In public, you have had a great time together, but then you have gone private together and you have discovered she is like a whole different person.

You’ll start to see her manipulative side. Yes, she’ll smile and be happy at your friends, but then say some horrible things when you are both in private. If someone talks that way about someone else, you may even start wondering what on earth she might say about you to her friends or family! That’s no way to start a relationship, so try to avoid this sort of woman as much as possible.

Finding the perfect one

It’s never easy to find the perfect partner when it comes to romance. You expect it to be easy. But unfortunately, it never really is. You have to go through the bad partners to find your best match. It will take time but it is worth it once you find the right woman for you. Just be patient and sooner or later, probably with the help of a few dating apps, you will find the right woman for you.

Good luck and happy dating!

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