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Looking For A Girl That Takes It Up The Ass? Farrah Abraham Is Single..

Farrah Abraham - Teen Mom

If your girl won’t let you stick it where the sun don’t shine, maybe it’s time to dump her and go after the newly-single Farrah Abraham, the infamous backdoor Teen Mom who showed the whole world how much she loves anal in her “leaked” sex tape with James Deen.

Yes, her breakup with Simon Saran should come as no surprise to anyone who watched this season of Teen Mom OG, as he clearly wasn’t into her daughter Sophia. And the feeling was clearly mutual, as her daughter tried strangling him with a seatbelt.. Guess who takes after her mommy?

Sure, if you’ve ever watched her shows (16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom), you know that Farrah’s certifiably bat-shit crazy, but if you watched her videos, you also know that she’s an absolute freak in the sheets! Why is it that the crazy ones are the best in bed??

In any event, if you don’t mind putting up with a high maintenance girl who everyone has seen take it up the ass, then you’d better head down to Austin TX and take your best shot.. Just remember, she’s expecting an engagement ring quick, because “I’m not waiting two years to get engaged to you. That’s for ugly girls.”

Good luck.. You’re going to need it.

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