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Creator Lev Lieben Drops Full Face Reveal Scene With Cami Strella & Adriana Chechik

Lev Lieben, Cami Strella, & Adriana Chechik

Busty, raven-haired, stunning Latina and Scottish content creator and adult star Cami Strella’s partner Lev Lieben has filmed content with her and rising starlets in POV-style without showing his face. Today marks his journey from a faceless creator to a full-face reveal in a brand-new scene with all-stars Cami Strella and Adriana Chechik.

Award-nominated chiseled, tatted, well-hung ginger Lev Lieben has been eye candy since he came on the scene, but until today, no one had seen his face. With over 3 million video views on Pornhub, his fans have been clamoring to see the face, and now it’s finally happening.

In his big face reveal which dropped today on his partner Cami Strella’s OnlyFans and his OnlyFans, Lieben decided to do it in a big way. The scene is a three-way with Cami and Adriana Chechik, with Lev skillfully taking on both women simultaneously. It’s so hot that Adriana has tweeted that this is one of her best threesomes/BGG scenes ever, and it’s one of her first since her injury. The scene also marks the second time that Cami and Adriana have collabed.

“Lev and I have been talking about the big face reveal for some time. He’s made his fans wait so long that the big reveal had to be spectacular. We’ve done boy/girl and threesome content together but not with anyone of Adriana’s caliber. Bringing her into the mix was our missing piece to make the reveal special. Both his fans and mine are so excited to see his face finally and this legendary three-way,” says Cami Strella.

See one of the hottest scenes of 2024 that everyone will be talking about on Cami’s OnlyFans and Lev’s OnlyFans

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